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Bring your group to us, or bring us to you! Mind Body Self Defense seminars are a great way to gain self confidence, enhance security, learn, and have fun together! Choose from any of our standard courses, or create a custom seminar just for you.

Basic Self Defense

Self Defense level one is an hands on participation seminar designed to train you in the fundamental real world techniques of street self defense. Learn hands on techniques to stay in control, prepared, and aware in threatening situations using relaxed judgement to apply alertness, escape, and when necessary deliver devastating combat techniques.Available as 1 to 3 hour hands on participation seminar or ongoing class.
(Women, Men, Coed, and Youth)

Self Defense Level 2

Self Defense Level 2 is a deeper look into the science of combat designed to familiarize participants with the fundamental aspects of close quarters (non-firearm) weapons training. Topics covered include self defense applications with weapons, baton, stun and spray devices. Available as  2 hour seminar or ongoing class. Prerequisites may apply.


Youth Self Defense


A popular program for boys and girls alike. Our Youth Self Defense Program is based on material similar to our adult model of Self Defense that is specifically tailored to meet the rapidly changing world of today’s youth environment. From school, to the streets, to the Internet, our Youth Self Defense Program will introduce the skills necessary to excel  with confidence and awareness from youth into adulthood.  Topics exercised include Verbal De-escalation, Body/Mind Awareness, and Physical Self defense.


Non-violent Communication

In this seminar we take an in depth look into the science of non-violent communication and verbal de-escalation techniques used in therapeutic practice and Law Enforcement negotiations. The ability to use Non-violent Communication is a valuable asset in any professional or social setting. Available as a 1 or 2 hour seminar.


Holistic Health

Learn the science of mind-body medicine. Learn to see the body and mind as they truly are – connected. Discuss topics ranging from fitness and nutrition to emotional and mental well being, with an experienced holistic practitioner.
Available as 1 or 2 hour seminar.



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